Monday, June 22, 2009

Egypt, what happened?!

So yesterday I was watching with bated breath, waiting for a repeat performance of Egypt's playing against Italy. The Italian game was phenomenal to watch, the goalie was making unbelievable saves, there was energy rippling through the air as people watched. So when I sat down last night to watch the match against the US, i was expecting an easy victory. Much to my dismay, my hopes were dashed within the first 15 minutes of the game. Egypt was playing horribly, there was no team coordination, their defence was non-existent, and the poor goalie getting nailed in the head in the first few minutes of the game certainly did little to boost the team's morale. The US team was not much better, goes to show that in sports, it really is true. When you're playing a great team, you man up, if you're playing an average team, your playing level drops. Needless to say. I'm quite upset with the result of this game!


  1. so wait are you saying Egypt is average or the U.S

  2. I wouldn't say i would call either of them average. I think both played a terrible game. but the Egyptian team lost their cohesion. there was no coordination with them on the field....

  3. ah ok so it was aberant playing on the Egyptian teams part...not on the US ;-P