Monday, July 8, 2013

Rumour Mill Abound

In what appears to have become the norm in any game of politics, not just Egyptian politics (although it is especially prevalent here!), the rumour mill is in full force - again.

Today, the Muslim Brotherhood have been circulating images of children allegedly shot during protests in Cairo. It's a trap that a lot of people will readily fall into, the belief that if you read it on facebook it must of course be true. The MB propaganda machine is working over-time (don't even get me started on some of the reports that have been trickling through the social media sites). To me as an outsider it appears that the only way they can try to regain their legitimacy (har har) is to remind people how awful and terrible the "rebels" and "army" are, and that they massacre innocent children (interesting however, no comment came from their side on the youth that were pushing teenagers off of roofs).

I won't post the pictures here, as quite frankly nobody needs to see such graphic images, but I will say that the photos posted today are in fact of children that were killed in Syria. So before you read anything and jump to conclusions, please remember the rumour mill and do your own research first. Spreading hate and propaganda will only aid the dis-information cause, and that won't help anyone. 

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