Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cattle Trade Cruelty Exposure Needs to Reach Far Further

To anyone who's worked in animal welfare in Egypt, the shocking new allegations of abuse that has caused a halt in live exports from Australia to Egypt is not new news. Even in this blog I have covered stories that have exposed the shocking treatment of the animals sent via live export, most recently with the cattle that were stranded in the Suez Canal. In this one incident alone over 2500 cattle perished. Yet live exports continued.

Tonight, ABC news is promising a report that will "expose the live export industry in Egypt" and hopefully work towards putting a stop towards the process. I hope that it works towards opening the eyes of many individuals, but I'm sure I don't stand alone when I say "It's about bloody time." You can read / watch more about their report here, but be warned, it's very graphic.

I'm also fairly sure that I wouldn't stand alone in saying Hey ABC, while you're at it, check out the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and their "teaching practices" too would you?

To coincide with the horrific exposure of cruelty with cattle, 3 American black bears mauled each other to death fighting over a male. Al-Ahram reports it as though it was an 'everyday' situation that just got out of control, after all mating season is just around the corner. What's overlooked is the fact the bears are kept in cages - not even enclosures; cages - far too small, and are left all day with people poking and prodding at them with sticks. Occasionally people may spear some food to the end of said stick, and taunt the bears hoping to get any reaction. But of course, they were just fighting over the male, no external circumstances to impact their stress levels at all. (see My Experiences at the Giza Zoo for more detailed descriptions and photos of how the bears at the zoo are kept.)

Finally, as though this wasn't enough, animal activists learned that DESPITE the death of two dolphins in the Makadi Bay Dolphinarium, another 2 have just been imported. Dolphins in Makadi Bay have been subjected to a host of inhumane actions, from skin blackened as a result of sunburn, to being unceremoniously ripped from their natural habitat and transported half way around the world, to spending weeks in a RESIDENTIAL pool in the desert, to now being made do circus tricks for their dinner.

I hope and pray that with the current exposure focusing on the live export trade in Egypt, that other outrageous acts of human cruelty and lack of animal welfare is also called to light. It's not only the cattle trade that's steeped in blood.
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  1. I am a foreign Christian living in Egypt. My Muslim neighbours are very keen to tell me how their religion ensure they treat all animals fairly and with respect but what I see around me is the complete opposite. I am CERTAIN this treatment of others of God's creatures has to be totally unislamic!!