Friday, October 19, 2012

Where to Go: Red Sea Bookstores

Being an avid reader I'm always more than happy to find a decent bookstore around. When K and I first moved to Hurghada there was literally zero choice in terms of good places to buy English books, so we often resorted to book swapping and trading.

As the ex-pat population here continues to grow, so do the businesses catering to expats. One such niche suits me to a tee. There are now a few decent bookstores in Hurghada (I'll do a follow up where to go later) but today's focus is on the Red Sea Bookstores.

The Red Sea Bookstores now has two locations in Hurghada and offer a wide variety of books for all reading levels. One location opposite the Les Rois Hotel in Hadaba, and the second location in front of Sindbad in the same building as the Arab African Bank. The photos below are from the location near Sindbad, and it is this specific location that I would recommend.

Even better is that the bookstore offers literature in Arabic, English, and German, as well as offering phrasebooks in a host of other languages. The only gripe I have is that the cost of the books can be a bit high, but when you're limited in selection of English literature as it is in Egypt, I think like me you'll be willing to stomach that higher cost.

For more information on the Red Sea Bookstores, check out their website here.

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