Saturday, March 17, 2012

Where to Go - Lips 4 U

I'm sure this is a grievance that many women, particularly expat women, have living in Hurghada. It is nigh on impossible to find decent make up without paying through the nose for it. Sure, the pharmacies dotted on virtually every street corner throughout the city offer cheap knock-offs and 5 LE mascara, but for those looking for make-up that will actually last past the first application, these are out of the question.

When you do find shops that sell brand make-up, such as Max Factor, L'Oreal, or Estee Lauder, the prices are astronomical. I understand mark-ups for importation prices, but I am not willing to pay close to $40 for what would normally cost $15 dollars outside of Egypt.

With this in mind, I was pleasantly surprised to find Lips 4 U. Located on the street parallel to Sheraton Road, between Central Street and Metro Market, Lips 4 U offers a wide range of make-up and beauty products both imported and local to Egypt. Not only this, but their prices are extremely fair!

I managed to find a bargain deal on a new Max Factor mascara, marked at 70 LE. Considering I have seen this same mascara for sale priced at 150 LE, you can't go wrong.

Lips 4 U is owned and operated by Taru, who has recently moved to Hurghada from Sweden. Taru speaks excellent English and is more than willing to let you browse and look around. I loved this, as so often in stores here you feel that the sales associates have to act like your shadow, making the entire shopping experience far more stressful than it needs to be. For me personally, when I want to browse I like to be left alone :p

Taru also offers appointments for manicures (Gel nails), and hopes to eventually branch out with Lips 4 U. I wish you all the best!

For more information, contact Taru on 0106-617-2608. 

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  1. I know what you mean about the quality of reasonable priced make-up, hard to find. The place you mentioned sounds fabulous, but there is also Oriflame and Avon available in Egypt and likely there is someone in Hurghada selling it. I've used both the Oriflame and the Avon mascara purchased here and both were good, same quality as Max Factor but considerably less expensive. I've had good luck with other Oriflame products.