Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We need to start doing something NOW

I am re-posting this note from Tanja Sarwat. It discusses a case of animal cruelty so unnecessary, it highlights how badly Egypt needs animal rights legislation. I am too distraught to write anymore about this.


A couple of days ago this video of a dog thrown off a roof in egypt was found on the net: WARNING SHOCKING


ESMA (egyptian society for mercy with animals) started to investigate. They found the boy responsible on facebook. An undercover animal activist started flirting with him, was added and came to chat with him. Numbers were exchanged so that they could meet.

The number was given to Dr. Ahmed Hesham who promised to keep ringing until he got answer. The boy got terrified by the postings against him on facebook (as his account was made public on the net). So he agreed to meet with Dr. Ahmed Hesham, who offered him protection as long as he could lead the ESMA activists to the boys whose terrible act he had filmed. To excuse himself, the boy answered he just filmed and postet it for "awareness" which of course is a lie. The boy took Dr. Hesham to the precise place where it happened and was recorded committing.

The boy who dragged the dog over the roof said it was because the dog had bitten his brother. And because it was not a "good" dog (not purely bred) !!!!!!!! His friend (the one who shot the video) told him not to throw the dog but he continued saying "No, im bugged".

When asked if the dog was alive he said "Yes, but his teeth were broken. It died 3 weeks ago". When asked why he didnt give the dog away instead of throwing him, he had no answer. He was asked if he had done this before, he smirked saying "yes, but sometimes only from the 1st floor where the animals didnt really get hurt". He confirmed doing it to cats before, too. When asked if he was planning to do it again he said "no". Throughout the interview he was calm and emotionless.

This was on sunday april 24th. Dr. Ahmed Hesham said there were 2 other dogs still with the boys. So much for planning not to do it again! ESMA sent a car with 2 men to the location, to extract the remaining dogs. One of them ran as soon as the door was opened and was not found again. The other one was found with broken legs, unable to run, so it was carried back to the shelter.

These horrible boys spoke with total indifference, unaware that this was punishable. They were ambivalent in their answers and there was no regret.

But now ESMA has concrete evidence and will report the act on wednesday april 27th. They will do it as a large group so they wont be ignored. In the meantime an online petition can be signed to support them. Big media exposure is prepared so that this case wont be without consequences!

Here´s the link to the petition:


Thanks for signing & helping!
**If you want to see this video, click the link below. WARNING. IT IS GRAPHIC**

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