Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gaming Geek and Google's masterpiece!

What a news day, the geek in me has been wholly satisfied. With the date announced for the release of Dan Brown's new book, "The Lost Symbol," Google's new operating system scheduled for release in 2010, Harry Potter only a few weeks away, and an awesomely new interactive application on the iPhone, the inner nerd sits back and smiles.

So, first comes first. I have loved Dan Brown since I first laid my hands on a copy of "The Da Vinci Code." I ate the book up, literally couldn't put it down. I followed up with his prequel, "Angels and Demons," which proved to be - if even possible - better than the Da Vinci Code. Robert Langdon, Brown's central character in both novels, is an engaging, charismatic, intelligent leading man, and Brown promises nothing but a great read. I have read his other works as well, but there's something special about Robert Langdon that just adds to the story. The Lost Symbol's storyline has been kept under close wraps, but rumours abound that it deals with the Freemasons in the US, the original "old boys club" if you will. September 15, PLEASE get here soon!!! My hands are itching to get a hold of this book!

Google. You are my hero. I have long been bleating about gmail, in my opinion, the best free e-mail service offered out there. Built in chat, loads of space, very easy to navigate and manage, I was instantly hooked. Fortunately now, many other people have fallen prey to the power of gmail, so I'm no longer alone in my enamour for it. Google has truly revolutionized the Internet, and what better company to develop a web-based operating system than Google! Chrome OS is set for release in 2010, and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy! Take that microsoft. What is certain to set this OS apart, is the process in which it was developed. Rob Enderle, industry watcher and president of the Enderle Group commented that "Google is coming at this fresh and, because it is based on a set of services that reside on the web, it is the first really post web operating system, designed from the ground up, and reconceived for a web world." I couldn't agree more. Finally, no more Vista! No more Microsoft bugs! I wash my HANDS of XP.

Ok so check this out. In this day and age of techno-savvy youth, and constant access to new and innovative technologies, it's not surprising that many children's lives revolve around the computer or tv screen. Now, in my personal opinion, I believe that it is the responsibility of the parents to monitor their child's TV/Computer time, and encourage them to get outside and about. I had limited TV time when I was younger (course, there wasn't the channel selection back then that there is now, so really there was only an hour a day when something was on that I would actually want to watch :p). Most of my days were spent outside, either in the wood behind our house in the UK, or out in the fields in Germany. That rant aside though....squeal I want an iPhone! "The Hidden Park," is an interactive application for the iPhone, designed by Australian company Bulpadok. Using the built-in GPS on the iPhone, users can take to the streets so to speak, and explore their alternative reality game. Getting around requires solving riddles and puzzles, pointing your iPhone at certain locations to reveal secret clues, creatures or objects. Scavenger hunts while avoiding dragons, finding hidden treasures, solving riddles and puzzles....who wouldn't want one of these!!! (Image courtesy of Popular Science)

Finally, I just think this is really cool. A group of Spanish scientists have successfully managed to isolate a protein that allegedly increases your visual memory. Their subjects thus far (all mice :p) had a memory increase from roughly one hour, to around 2 months! ( do you possibly test that on a mouse...does anybody know? haha) Either way, effin sweet! No more written directions, just take a peek at your map and VOILA. Instant visual memory retention. Taking tests would be so much easier. Why couldn't this have been developed, oh, 5 years ago or so. :p

My inner nerd is smiling today :)


  1. first off, i am in first off i am in total utter and complete agreement in line with your ravenous excitement about a new Dan brown masterpiece! 6 YEARS!!!! way to long to wait but i guess genius is well worth it.

    Secondly Google had a handle of software like I’ve never seen any other software firm. They take the simple and make is genius… now i known you might be saying oh what about apple? They have smart ppl who took dumb things and forced them to be smart. The magic apple does is akin to… well… magic. Its simple it works and when it doesn’t you fucked up… deal with it. Not like an MS machine, where every step the pc could have a seizure and die… its like flying an f-22 in a dogfight with a 120 year old woman in the passenger seat and expecting her to be fine by the end of it. Also it’s a great future to look forward too SSD, OLED screens, true 8 hour batteries life on netbooks, soon the netbook with chrome OS well perform better than an Alienware pc ;-P


    And lastly…shweet Zombie Jebus Rice! Where was this drug when I was trying to remember my 1000+ page Linux text book!

  2. Alim Salahud-dinJuly 8, 2009 at 2:37 PM

    Google failed at its browser and it's mobile phone attempts. Now I'm a HUGE Google fan, I support them 100% (which is why I put up with Chrome for so long) but I don't have faith in an OS. However I have tried and tested Windows 7 which is set for later this year and that is an extremely impressive system, much better than Vista and XP, which were the reasons I bought a Mac. Time will tell.

    Oh yeah, Go Phillies.

  3. exactly... why you bought a mac. why go back to security holes and random software failure when you know Chrome and\or OSX would do the job soooo much better and they didn't fail with android! its one of the most scalable OSs out there for a mobile! the only one that impresses me more is what the new palm pre might accomplish with there multitasking and the HTC Hero with its selective menu systems if you don't like something BOOM trash gone exactly like Leopard